Monday, November 15, 2010

virgin post

yes. i am a virgin. a blog virgin that is. it is approximately 12:28, i have a french exam tomorrow morning and my new grandfather blogger friend introduced me to a new world of procrastination, BLOGGING. yes, procrastination. something that is making my homework load seem worse and worse. theres a few things you should know about me. oo actually therese way too much.. so i will leave that out for the virgin post. i know it hurts the first time. one thing is i think my music is attractive to the ears of those that are awesome. and i am not a professional.. obvi. so if you are already judging the incompetence of this blog, get out now. because the majority of this blog will be, well just about a tad shy of girly meets wanna be indie alternative chicky. well enough enough about talking down about the new exciting world i have just dove in to. but in all seriousness enjoy my witty insights and well the little ticks in life that count.
if all else fails feel franzi

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