Wednesday, November 17, 2010

blogs. tweets. fb.

we love the web.. but when is enough enough.. three of my friends have created blogs in the past 24 hours.. 4 twitter accounts.. and well all already have fb accounts. what would we do with out all the technology.. um we would be lost. lost lost. yep thats right. sadly. anyway on funny note. it was hurrricane at the cuse today. i even wore my ll bean duck boots to compensate for the windy side rain thrashing through my rain coat. well.. i reallly don't have anything interesting to blog about, because my life seeems like an endless count down to break.. which is at this moment in time i have 65 hours and counting to the glorious thanksgiving break. where friends and family are back in place once again, and for my tiny microscopic town in vermont.. its a pretty big deal... oh words of wisdom i heard from a speaker today : "don't go to college, you'll be more successful and you never know you could become a multi millionare like me."- yes true life. a speaker in my COLLEGE class. what am i doing here? getting side tracked from thanksgiving, i just have to touch on this ridiculous life moment. preceeding the lecture I introduced my self to the outside speaker, so intrigued with his philosophy of entrepenership and doing "well" donating money to a foundation is not my idea of doing good.. working with people, providing services. blah anyways lets not get in to my left wing rant of nothing... but in fact i am a colllege student and homework calls.. ( after slaving away in the library for four hours today already). what has my life come to?
loving you as always

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