Tuesday, November 16, 2010


thanks to my new found pleasure... and the delightful depressing weather of upstate new york I woke up this morning with no voice, a terrible mal au ventre (for those of you non-french speakers.. well google translate that shit) and a pounding head i skipped my 8 am. only to realize an hour later i probably should go to my french exam. FAK. so i did. and then continued my day with napping. eating bagels and napping some more. forgot to mention I slept through my second class of the day. what am i doing with my life? but actually, I am a fairly decent student.. with an easy first semester schedule.. i'm planning on taking it up a notch in the spring. WOOO. i want to make money when i get out of school is really all that means. I have nothing really special to share, because my day has been spent casually logging in to facebook every 5 minutes.. but i mean come on WHO DOESNT? and if you arent a fb creeper, you might as well not be a real person. ooo i would also like to add that the previous weekend was a bad one.. boxed wine was of course included.. and kimmel food court 3 am pit stops. my readers probably think i am a horrible person by this point. its all part of the my dazzling charisma.. yeah right! well, that is all for now my minions.
i am not feeling franzi
and we're out

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