Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fratty frat love or lack of?

... my life is in shambles.. recently i was interviewed and had to do a photo shoot.. or i would like to re[phrase those two things. more like an awkward talking session added with an even more awkward pose and smile/ smirk of confusion to why in the hell would anyone write anything about me? especially at a school where i am somewhat not the norm... besides the fact the article was published today in a magazine i will not disclaim and the reporter. a true sweetheart found it necessary to publish cold facts about my sex life.. or lack of. oh not to mention my non love for the fratttty frat boys and how i would never be caught seduced by one of them to the point of "gettin it in" (a term i have heard somewhat too often in the college life conversation) ok readers.. yes i am a flower child and i llove mgmt while searching through thrift stores for what I THINK willl be the next new BIG trend... HA! is this so? but really just to clear the air, i am in fact not a flower child but an individualist i would like to put it in better terms... and for all you PHRAT bros.. i do not disgust you, but random sexcapades are not my idea of a good time. HAHA! did I just say that outloud? okay well this is enough. sorry about the rant.. but it was needed. THIS IS NOT A DISCLAIMER, BUT A CRY OF HELP! .. im only kidding you dudes... flower child needs no help in the area of the birds and beess.. just dont believe evetyrthing you read in the media kids.

peace, love, and franzi
we OUT

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