Tuesday, November 16, 2010

softest puppy & the twizzler twit.. the love that keeps on giving

true current event: the softest puppy and the twizzler twit (whose names i can not disclose on the world wide web) are intwined in a delightful cuddle sesh.. for which I have to endure slowly and painfully.. but not really. the two i speak about with such high confidentiality are truly the greatest. we like to eat pasta together...pastabilities is the mum. this post may seem a little bit strange, but my night has been filled with strange college occurances i just couldn't passs up to blog about. oldies blasting down the hall.. which i may add was a great refresh from the teen pop fratty frat frat music that fills the halls on a regular basis. crazy basketball fans, dressed in all orange.. and my best friend waltzing in quite deliquitely decked out in an 80s neon flat brim...80% intoxicated and loving life. well this is starting to bore me.. so if its not boring you. god help us.

sorry about the 9:30 class. its not gonna happen twizzler twit.

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