Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Red and White

rain. no torrential downpour. sleet. ice. SNOW! at last the campus was frosted with fresh flakes. first of the year. and it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. who would ever think that a upstate new york school in the in between stages of fal and winter could actully have some sort of outside appeal to it. second on the agenda, is well a good friend of mine convinced me to give blood... i was so happy at first as I walked in to the student, up the stairs to the faint sound of christmas music. i was asked a bazillion questions about HIV/AIDS, sex, africa.. and other questions that I guess determine if i am adiquite to give that hot red colored stuff away. after a needle prick and 49 questions to be exact passed by i lied down and OUCH! no one told me it would hurt this much. if you know anything about me, i don't do well with blood, or needles for that matter, the only reason i gave in to this, was 1. extra credit for a class, and 2. basically to make my self feel better about myself and think that i am ACTUALLY doing something good. then my blood decided to stop flowing and the nurses or the red cross assitants who ever they are kept jiggling around the needle which felt like a lack of better words 'a BITCH.' gahhh then there they came, i couldnt help it but the tears started rolling.... and i had them take the needle out... ooops there goes my nice deed of the day. well at least i went. i am now studying in my favorite spot on campus on a big comfy couch.. well study would be an understatemet. i should probably start doing work now. thats all for today ladies and gents.
enjoy the snow (if you have any) it is a lovely thing.

christmas is in the air!
p.s download some tegan & sara.. i am listening to some toned out alternative tunes by them and they are just soo good.