Tuesday, November 23, 2010

home is where the heart is II

dear followers (the fabulous few that are out there)
I deleted my two previous blogs for reasons I am not disclosing.. so i apologize, although I will recap short and sweet. story is my last weekend before turkey holiday I participated in a tour de franzia.. lost miserably.. i know what bad publicity i am for the one and only "feeling franzi" blog and made the cold but well deserved (well mostly well eaten) trip to kimmel food court. I am now home , where I also will not disclose as well, and upon my arrival i am greeted by 10 juniors in high school, one of which was my brother, doing naughty things at my home residence. parents not home. classssic. so highschool. but in light of their naughtiness i passed out in my big (change from little) bed in my much missed room. oh how you take the simple things in life that are really generous to us. the past couple days have truly been a blur. I have been lounging around my house for the most part. from abc family count down to christmas movies (its not even december... has the media gone wild) to the construction of 500 piece christmas puzzles i would say i have partially gone mental. but no. lets be real now. I DID go to the gym and ran, but who cares about that? I know you want the juicy detes. The past day I have been bombarded by old friends arriving home and it has been quite the occasion. one reason I have been hiding away in my white victorian for the weeekend was to avoid the awkward yet unavoidable interactions with small town folk, that get all up in your grill (dont judge me). the facts are after talking to all my good friends.. for the most part the only people i care to speak to here.. i realized that my life has completely altered. summer me is now a completely different me, well at least the me at college is in a way. time has stayed still, while I keep moving it feels like. college life is a crazy time, and in deed IT IS! I feel like my world is in limbo at the moment. on a depressing note poor me had a bit of a break down today... what is going on? good. bad. in a way i feel like someone is driving my car and I am just a passenger of my life. woow how bout that metaphor for all you readers. but really, i find my self contemplating ideas in life I had never thought about before. in fact some things are driving me insane. wait i am already crazy, so you just add the big fat L in to the mix, and i am.. what do they call it? fucked. this is me ranting now... what the F. i hate this stuff.. i really do. even though it goes through my mind on the reg.. any comments ? suggestions on the subject at large. if you post a sad face i will completely be with ya man. the universal sign for sad via technology, :( is the best character, and it sums up why so much off of a comment. i am not meaning to take this post for a depressing one, but love , sad face.. i mean come on they come hand in hand. whew. well its 1:13 am, and I'm ready to hit the hay, in my glorious bed. enjoy your holiday, and maybe just for you heartful readers i'll blog a turkey day post. blog ? or post? what is it exactly.

again my deepest condolences for the RIP blog entries.. i'll try to behave my self from now on.
keep it franzi
and WE OUT

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